jBH3 was established in 1998 by Lisa and John Hibberd out of a desire to provide client focused services that the two designers saw as a declining trend in the architecture, interior design and construction sectors  in the region.

The two partners started this path towards better services, by taking on the project management of a 40,000 sf tenant build out for a large mortgage company and the facilities management of a 70,000 sf satellite television company.

From those two original projects, jBH3 has grown and raised the bar of client services for our corporate, health care, higher education, retail, hospitality, and pharmaceutical clients nationwide.

During the ensuing years, we have continued to serve our original clients and have broadened our client bas, largely through referrals and recommendations from clients, facilities managers and contracting organizations. In concert with our team of consultants, jBH3’s reputation for the highest quality work and conscientious service has been the cornerstone of our business.

Although our business has grown, jBH3 remains a “small” firm of experienced architects, planners, designers and project managers to ensure that each client receives the service that they expect and deserve.

Our deep knowledge of the impact of the physical environment on work process, efficiency, health and overall enjoyment brings clarity to each project. This understanding allows us to meet business objectives and add that intangible quality to each space.

“… the assistance and “rock star-ness” of the entire jBH3 team throughout the project.  We are most grateful for your team’s assistance. “ Bernadette M. Horvat Director Human Resources
Bernadette Horvat